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Car Radio Systems Explained

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Radio cars are a staple of American driving life, and many drivers rely on them to tune into news, traffic, weather and sports. But a shift away from AM radio could spell trouble for broadcasters and deprive some drivers of a crucial source of information.Back when car radios first hit the market, they were a big, bulky, and expensive addition to cars. Today's devices are much smaller, more portable and offer a variety of features.

Android Auto

Android Auto is a free app that connects your smartphone to your car touch screen infotainment system. It's designed to make it easy to use your phone and keep your hands on the steering wheel while you drive.

It allows you to place and receive calls, send texts, listen to music stored on your phone and access Google Maps navigation without taking your eyes off the road. It also has a Google Assistant that reads messages aloud for you.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows mobile devices to connect to one another over a short distance. It is used for a variety of purposes, including exchanging music and audio files between smartphones and portable media players.

Several car stereos have a built-in Bluetooth receiver that enables you to stream your phone’s audio library to the radio. This is a great way to listen to your favorite tunes without using a separate smartphone app.

Bluetooth can also be used to tether your smartphone with a car’s navigation system to receive live updates. Some models even allow you to make and receive hands-free calls through your Bluetooth stereo.


The navigation in your car is a vital feature for many people. It can help you find your way to destinations, including where there are traffic jams and speed cameras.

Integrated systems use GPS signals and electronic maps to locate your vehicle's position, and then calculate a route from there. They also provide detailed information about the road you are traveling, lane guidance, and junction view.

Built-in navigation systems tend to be more reliable than portable standalone units, as they rely on power supplied directly from the car, rather than from the cigarette lighter or batteries in your smartphone.They are also often more up-to-date than standalone units, as they are always connected to the internet and can be updated easily.


Antennas are an important part of car radio systems. They work by converting electrical power into radio waves or radio waves into electrical power. A good antenna should have a sleek design, absorb a range of frequencies for audio quality, and be discreet. It should also be able to provide a clear signal in different environments.Car radio android

Most car antennas are designed with a specific make and model in mind, but you can also find more versatile models that can work for all types of cars. For example, this stubby antenna is designed with a small footprint and a decent output impedance for a good performance in different environments.

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